The Emotional And Mental Effects Of Childhood Obesity

Obesity causes physical, emotional and psychological effects on children. The consequences of childhood obesity are difficult for the child to deal with them and my lead to more serious problems. We all have the knowledge on how cruel kids can become when mocking another child who can’t be able to talk to others or do other physical activities. Some organizations are trying to come up with ways to restore balance in health by curbing the obesity problem in children as it is an alarming rate.


Causes Of Obesity

There are many causes of obesity in both children and adults. One causative factor is the lack offrfcfxc exercises whereby the computer and television are great exercises for children and adults. Children and adults sit and use all their free time in watching television, movies and playing computer games. It is important for children to exercise to burn the calories they have consumed in the day and get their energy. The send reason can be eating unhealthy junk and fast foods regularly, and the third reason is the parents not setting a good example of diet and exercise. The children do what their parents do if you do not exercise and you eat unhealthy food the children too will do the same.


The Effects On Children

Children who are obese are likely to suffer from depression, juvenile diabetes, low self-esteem, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Fat children are liable to have low grades and be bullied by the other kids in school. The same unhealthy problems these children face while they are young will affect their adult life as they will continue.

Obese children suffer from low self-esteem issues which make the feel bad about themselves this result to them spending more time alone. They do not associate themselves with other children of the same age group. This result in them to spending more time in isolation, and this can affect them severely and lead to depression.

If these kids grow to be overweight adult, they may suffer from strokes lose a limb to uncontrolled diabetes, heart attacks and sleep apnea; this disease causes one to stop breathing many times at night.



cxfcfHealth officials, schools, and parents are trying to find a solution to this. Some schools have introduced physical activities as part of their curriculum and individual health menus for children. Parents should also pack healthy lunch for their kids, encourage them to become active and educate them about obesity.